Hospital Auxilio Mutuo

Ave. Ponce de León, Bus Stop 37 ½, Hato Rey, PR 00919
28-50 Calle Ponce San Juan San Juan 00917 PR


Our mission is to provide excellent, quality services to members of the Plan de Socios of the Sociedad Española de Auxilio Mutuo y Beneficiencia and to the community in general for preventing, relieving, curing, and rehabilitating the ill and needy within the ethical, moral, and Christian framework established by our founders.


Our vision is to prevail as a prestigious and forward-thinking, comprehensive medical-hospital institution by using different models renown for offering health and offering medical-social services to those in need. To achieve our vision, we provide flexibility in schedules and in the range of services needed to provide our patients with diagnostic and technologic resources for their health conditions. In keeping with our mission and vision, we uphold the values and Christian principles that have given life and tradition to our society.